Our range of services

• We take of all your rubbish needs as long as its non-hazardous and can be lifted by our professional and strong team.

• Common types of rubbish include white goods, green waste, furniture, appliances, glass, rubber, electronic and recyclable waste.

• We cater for residential, commercial, deceased estate and end of lease rubbish removals.


At Aussie Junk Busters, we take of all your household rubbish including appliances, clothes, e-waste, green and general waste.


We come to your warehouse, office or commercial property, clean out any kind of rubbish as long as it can be lifted by our strong team.

Deceased Estate

We treat all items with care and respect making sure that many of them can be reused or recycled. We can liase with removalists, real-estate agents and cleaners from start to finish in the entire process.

End of Lease

We offer a quick and cost-effective solution to your end of lease junk and make sure your place is scratch-free and damage-free in the whole process.


Whether it be chairs, tables, couches or beds - we remove all kinds of furniture from your place.

White Goods / Appliances

From fridges, dryers to stoves and washing machines - we handle any kind of white goods and appliances from your home.

Green Waste

We clean your backyard and any sort of green waste including trees, branches, grass, leaves and dirt.

Electronic Waste

We handle all kinds of e-waste including TV's, old unused computers, cables and cords, broken electronic devices and all others that can be recycled or reused.



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