Watch what you eat

We have been told that watching television especially during dinner is not good for our waistline but a recent study looked at the content of the programs watched and found action-related content increased food intake. They found that people watching The Island, an action movie, ate almost 100% more grams of food and 65% more calories than those watching Charlie Rose, an interview show. Even another randomised group who watched The Island with the sound turned off ate more than those watching the interview show (314 vs 214 calories). Although the effect was seen in males and females, it was most pronounced in males.

The authors recommend more research into the actual causes within the show but recommend doctors warn patients struggling with their weight to avoid snacking particularly when watching action shows.

Tal A, Zuckerman S, Wansink B. Watch what you eat: Action-related television content increases food intake. JAMA Internal Medicine 2014 Sep 1
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