Tough new advertising rules to be introduced in the UK – time for Aus to catch up!

After a public consultation, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) in the UK announced tough new rules banning advertising of high fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) food and drink in children’s media (under 16’s) or where children are >25% of the audience. These rules have been extended from television to all non-broadcast media including print, cinema, online and social media, in response to the research showing young people are now spending more time online than watching TV. Further to the rules, marketing techniques will now be able to be used to promote healthier options and government-defined standards will be used to classify HFSS. Despite this progress, there is still concern amongst public health campaigners that restrictions only apply when at least 25% of the audience are children, which means a significant number of children could still be exposed to junk food marketing and there are calls for a ban of HFSS advertising on television before the 9pm watershed. The new rules will come into effect on 1 July 2017.

Source: Committee of Advertising Practice UK


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