Parents’ Voice call on Fast Food companies to serve #waterwiththat

FACT: 73% of children exceed the WHO guidelines for added sugar intake FACT: 47% children aged 2-18 years consume a sugary drink on a daily basis FACT: Children aged 9-13 years consume 7 kg of sugar from sugary drinks alone … Continue reading

Food industry failing to self-regulate junk food ads to kids

A new Cancer Council NSW study found no reduction in unhealthy food and drink advertisements on television during children’s peak viewing times, despite voluntary self-regulatory initiatives introduced by the food industry in 2009. The study published in the Journal of … Continue reading

Tough new advertising rules to be introduced in the UK – time for Aus to catch up!

After a public consultation, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) in the UK announced tough new rules banning advertising of high fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) food and drink in children’s media (under 16’s) or where children are >25% of … Continue reading

Chile Stops the Junk

The world is watching Chile Andrea Western, Senior Policy Advisor, LiveLighter WA   While World Health Organisation recommendations about reduction of children’s exposure to unhealthy food advertising date back to 2010 , Chile is one of the few nations to have … Continue reading

Brand influence on children

An Australian study has highlighted the importance of broadly defining foods advertised to children when developing regulations to protect children from advertising and not limiting regulation to ‘children’s foods’. The study found even brands thought of as more adult brands … Continue reading

More evidence of the influence of promotional characters

Brand equity characters influence 4-8 year old children’s food preference and choice. That’s the results of a study that asked 209 children to rate their taste preference and preferred snack when presented with snacks with and without brand equity characters … Continue reading

Confirming the need to protect children from unhealthy food advertising

A recent examination of current evidence of the relationship between food marketing and children’s food behaviours found the evidence base was particularly strong for 3-12 year old children, with exposure to marketing showing negative effects on food preferences, choices and … Continue reading

COAG puts food marketing to children on the agenda to address childhood obesity

At the COAG Health Council meeting on 7th October, the Federal and state and territory Health Ministers discussed childhood obesity. According to the communique released after the meeting, Health Ministers will consult with Ministers in other portfolios to develop joint approaches to limit the impact of unhealthy food and drinks on children. Continue reading

Who’s feeding the kids online? Irish Heart Foundation research

Irish research has found junk food brands using young people to market their products via social media. While people are aware of television advertising, the study highlights the less obvious nature of targeted advertising on social media sites such as Facebook. Continue reading

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Comprehensive sector-wide strategies to prevent and control obesity

A recent study modelled the benefits of the NSW HEAL strategy implementation. The NSW Healthy Eating and Active Living Strategy 2013-18 provides a whole-of-government framework to promote healthy eating and active living and reduce the impact of lifestyle-related chronic disease. Continue reading

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