Are Peters Fandangles website games for children or adults?

Peters website

Peters website

A recent complaint about the Peters’ Fandangles ice-creams website has drawn an interesting response from the advertiser. Peters say that the focus of the website is on the main grocery buyer and the games were developed with women in mind; built to be played with one hand, “tapping into the insight that women often play games when multitasking”. However the Advertising Standards Board found that the games tab was to attract children to the website and the simplicity of the game meant that it was directed primarily to children. The Board also said that the ice-creams would be products that appeal to children.

However, Peters haven’t signed up to the Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative. The Board considered the complaint about the ad under the Australian Association of National Advertisers Children’s Code which states that ads must not appeal to children to urge their parents to buy the product. We thought that requiring a code to unlock new games would encourage kids to pester for ice-creams but the Board said that it was not “a specific appeal to children to urge parents to buy the product” as “the parent or carer would remain the decision maker about whether or not to buy the product”.

We are also perplexed about how the Board interprets community standards. They said that while there was community concern about advertising unhealthy foods to children it does not amount to a community standard that advertising a food of a particular nutrition profile to children should be prohibited.

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