Parents’ Voice call on Fast Food companies to serve #waterwiththat

FACT: 73% of children exceed the WHO guidelines for added sugar intake

FACT: 47% children aged 2-18 years consume a sugary drink on a daily basis

FACT: Children aged 9-13 years consume 7 kg of sugar from sugary drinks alone per year

FACT: 1 in 2 children aged 12 years have decay in their adult teeth

These are all shocking statistics released by Parents’ Voice as part of their new campaign to call on fast food restaurants to serve water as a default with their kids’ meals. For too long, fast food companies have exploited the self-regulations by using healthier choices such as water in their advertising material to demonstrate how ‘responsible’ they are, however sugary drinks are still the default offered in-store.

Parents’ Voice have launched a new campaign calling for parents (or concerned citizens) to join and add their voice to the initiative. A list of the major fast food chains that currently serve sugary drinks with their kids’ meals are outlined with a further action asking parents to tell the offending fast food chains to make it #waterwiththat via Facebook.

On a positive note, the campaign lists the fast food companies that offer water as the default drink, however that list is short with only one company currently offering water with their kids’ meals. Please join with Parents’ Voice to make this list grow and help our children have a healthier future!

To add your voice to the #waterwiththat campaign go to and sign up today.

Parents' Voice #waterwiththat campaign graphic


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