‘No-fry’ zones in Dublin and bans on toys as ‘hooks’ in Chile

There’s been some promising developments around the world. In what has been labelled “no-fry zones”, Dublin City Council is planning to ban fast food developments within 250 metres of schools. There have been many community campaigns around Australia against fast food developments, however planning regulations around obesity prevention have not been successfully used to stop a fast food development.

Chile is bringing in a range of measures to address obesity and in particular childhood obesity, including banning food advertising to children under 14 years. The ban also covers restrictions on “commercial hooks” such as toys and incentives that are used to promote foods. Examples of such hooks, according to the head of public policy at the Health Ministry, are toys sold with Happy Meals and Kinder Surprise. In a perplexing interpretation, the Australian self-regulatory initiative, the Quick Service Restaurant Initiative, does not consider these toys as advertising but a part of the meal itself.

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