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Mamee noodles are discretionary foods. They get 2 stars in the Health Star Rating scheme, are limited in the beneficial nutrients they provide to the diet and are high in sodium and low in fibre. The Mamee website has simple games featuring the Mamee monster and Mamee snacks and we think that’s advertising to kids.


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The Advertising Standards Board also thinks that the website is attractive to children from the age of ten and the Noodles are a product of principal appeal to children.

But the Australian Association of National Advertisers’ Children’s Code specifies that “advertising or marketing communications to children must not contravene prevailing community standards”. And the Board ruled that it’s not contrary to prevailing community standards to advertise Mamee noodles to kids.

And what about the part of the code that says an ad should not promote an inactive lifestyle? Well the Board thinks that’s covered by words on the website; “If you can’t be outside playing, then here are a few fun games to play. Have fun.” The Board also noted that in the game that involves feeding a young monster as it grows through its life (Mameegotchi) is ok because it shows all sorts of food as well as branded packet noodles. Looks like Mamee have the Children’s Code covered.

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