Fame and Shame Awards – December 2016

The annual Parents’ Voice Fame and Shame awards was held on Monday in Sydney highlighting the best and worst offenders in food marketing to children as voted for by parents. A total of 5 awards were handed out with three in the ‘Shame’ category to companies that use sly techniques to market their unhealthy products to children, and two in the ‘Fame’ category highlighting campaigns that promote healthy food and encourage children to be more active.

This year Coca-Cola Australia received three nominations in the ‘Shame’ categories and was the winner of two Shame Awards Foul Sports and Pester Power. The Award for Foul Sports was for the use of the NBA Star and Olympian, Andrew Bogut in their Powerade marketing campaign as it was viewed as appealing to children and deceptive by linking the consumption of Powerade Ion4 drink with becoming an Olympic Athlete. The Pester Power Award was for Coca-Cola’s television commercial ‘Brotherly Love’, although Coca-Cola say they do not directly market to children, the ad features a boy and his older brother who drinks Coke and ultimately protects him from bullies which may appeal to real-life struggles of young adolescents and younger ones looking up to them. The other ‘Shame’ category saw Milo taking out the Digital Ninja Shame Award for their use of branded app to appeal to children and link consumption of milo with being physically active.

Despite the imbalance in the amount of junk food marketing compared to promotion of healthy foods it is still important to congratulate organisations that produce campaigns targeted at children to improve and promote healthy eating and physical activity. This year the Fame Award, voted for by parents as the best campaign for Healthy Eating went to Woolworths with Jamie Oliver promoting Free Fruit for Kids within their supermarkets. In addition a new Fame Award category was added to commend marketing promotions encouraging physical activity aimed at children. The winner of this category was the Australian Government’s Girls Make Your Move campaign which targets young girls as research has shown activity levels in girls dramatically drop as they get older. More of these campaigns are needed to help curb the growing childhood obesity epidemic currently sweeping Australia.

For a full list of nominees visit Parents’ Voice

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