Kellogg’s Coco Pops ‘inadvertently’ place ad during children’s TV

A complaint submitted by WA Heart Foundation argued that a Coco Pops advertisement that featured on broadcast on free-to-air TV was targeted at children therefore in breach of the regulations. The advertisement featured a box of Coco Pops that came … Continue reading

Bakers Delight weak regret

A colourful back-to-school promotion by Bakers Delight received an ‘F’ on their report card from the Advertising Standards Board (ASB). A complaint was made about the billboard advertisements promoting sugary finger buns covered in M&M’s as an adequate solution to … Continue reading

Paddle Pop Busted Again!

Paddle Pop YouTube ad upheld by Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) Repeat offender Unilever have been called out for their Paddle Pop ad promoted on You Tube. The ad features two primary school aged children discovering a treasure chest that is … Continue reading

Fame and Shame Awards – December 2016

The annual Parents’ Voice Fame and Shame awards was held on Monday in Sydney highlighting the best and worst offenders in food marketing to children as voted for by parents. A total of 5 awards were handed out with three in the ‘Shame’ category to companies that use sly techniques to market their unhealthy products to children, and two in the ‘Fame’ category highlighting campaigns that promote healthy food and encourage children to be more active. Continue reading

Obesity and diabetes: the slow-motion disaster

In her keynote address at the 47th Meeting of the National Academy of Medicine, Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization, highlighted the rising rates of obesity around the world. She concluded: “When crafting preventive strategies, government officials must … Continue reading

Board finds animated Dairy Milk Oreo ad appealing to more than just kids

In lodging a complaint about the Dairy Milk Oreo ad, the complainant said the ad showing an animated Oreo biscuit and a square of chocolate hanging out together at a beach and camping appeals to children’s sense of adventure and not adults. The advertiser, Mondelez said that the animation style is “the most complex style of animation possible” and “busy and complex which does not appeal to children”. The advertiser said the activities are “sophisticated adult activities: surfing, driving…..camping and being at the beach”. Continue reading

Ad with young high school children playing basketball considered advertising to their parents

A recent complaint to the Advertising Standards Board about a Nestle Milo ad on TV featuring young high school boys at basketball training has been dismissed. The complainant said that the ad was directed to children because of the themes of training for and playing sport with friends and the presentation from a child’s perspective. Continue reading

McDonald’s free Happy Meal offer not considered advertising to children

There’s a McDonald’s ad on the web and Facebook lately which shows a young girl and her mother at McDonald’s. You may think the blurred Happy Meal box and a free offer of a Happy Meal might encourage pester power but that’s not what the advertiser or the Advertising Standards Board says. Continue reading

Leading up to the Olympics we find unhealthy food and beverage companies sponsoring kid’s sport development programs

90% of food companies sponsoring junior development sports programs are marketing unhealthy foods or drinks.

Our latest research looked at the sponsors of 56 junior development programs. These programs are modified versions of popular adult sports designed to encourage kids to participate in sport. Surf lifesaving and athletics had the most unhealthy sponsors and we found McDonald’s sponsored the highest number of different sports. Continue reading

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Loopholes in UK Ofcom rules for marketing to children

While UK is ahead of Australia in regulation of junk food marketing on television, Dr Emma Boyland in a recent seminar highlighted some of the loopholes, many of which we are also familiar with in Australia. Continue reading

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