Board finds animated Dairy Milk Oreo ad appealing to more than just kids

In lodging a complaint about the Dairy Milk Oreo ad, the complainant said the ad appeals to children’s sense of adventure and not adults. The ad shows an animated Oreo biscuit and a square of chocolate hanging out together at a beach and camping. ┬áThe advertiser, Mondelez said that the animation style is “the most complex style of animation possible” and “busy and complex which does not appeal to children”. They said the activities are “sophisticated adult activities: surfing, driving…..camping and being at the beach”.

In commenting on its decision┬áto dismiss the complaint, the Advertising Standards Board said that “some scenes, sand castles and camping, would have appeal to children, but considered that on balance the visuals were equally appealing to adults”. Again, because the ad is considered “not directed primarily to children” but of appeal to a broad audience the Board determined it did not come within the industry’s self-regulatory initiative that states they will not advertise to children.

Case number 0300/16


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