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Demand Fat Free kid’s TV – We have closed the petition. Thanks for your support.

Disney USA pledged to stop advertising junk food on children’s TV shows and kids’ channels. We think Australian kids deserve the same. Over 800 people signed our petition.

We will keep you updated on any responses we receive from our letters to the three commercial television stations (Channel 9, Channel 10 and 7 Network) and four subscription networks that run children’s programs (Nickelodeon, Disney Channels, Cartoon Network/Boomerang, and Foxtel).

Ban Junk Food Advertising To Kids

Children do not understand the persuasive intent of advertising, yet they are exposed to around 10 television food ads every day, and almost two thirds of these are for unhealthy foods. When one in four Australian children are obese or overweight, why do we continue to allow advertising of unhealthy food to children?

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